So, I loved the Tumblr thing.  Well, not love, that’s almost as strong a word as hated, so I’m not gonna say I loved it.  I strongly agreed with it, and I know that it strongly agreed with me.  However, if you’ve looked over at our pet-project recently, you’ll notice that we’ve made some stylistic and functional adjustments.  Gone is that annoying roll bar at the top of the page that served no purpose.  Gone are the functionless social media tabs, replaced with functioning ones.  Gone also, is this Tumblr blog.

            You see, it’s been impressed upon me that something known as search-engine-optimization (SEO) is a vital element in the puzzle that is succeeding on the interwebs.  Apparently a blog serves as a very powerful SEO resource because of all the searchable text that exists within the blog.  All these pretty letters, them shits is google-able.  So our web guy is based out of Seattle, so I’m not certain as to whether or not he’s Asian, but it makes me feel more comfortable to imagine that he is. Well he told my ass that blogging in the Tumblr is counterproductive to our SEO purposes.  Essentially it takes traffic away from our main site, and our main site is gonna be what makes me famous, so basically, I gotta kill my baby.

            So Tumblr, I’m sorry you have to go.  I will always remember you as the one who ignited my slippery-slope-slide down the social-media rabbit hole, but I’m moving on.  The WordPress is my new bitch.  She’s a little fancier, a little more exclusive, and she gives a mean B.J. (blog journal idiots). 

            Don’t fret though Tumblr, I’m going to leave you with something special.  You see those two pictures up there at the top of this post.  Those are for you.  Those, or rather their inherent metaphor, is my parting gift to you.

 The first image is of some Harries sitting outside getting their Harry Chant on, with their fuckin’ MacBook.  It’s a little known fact that these kooks love Facebookin’, Twittin’, Tumblin’, all dat shit (ed. note: not even kidding, I knew one once)(ed. note: she was a strong one)(ed. note: chicks that chant go from hot to creepy real fast, without any warning)(ed. note: prolly a lil’ warning).  So anyways, that’s your first picture, Harries with an MacBook.

            The second, is an image that I took down at the boardwalk at dirt-bag beach the other day.  Now, ignore the fact that the girl shooting the video (ed. note: boy?) is filming another she/he getting learned how to box by what looks to be a homeless man.  Ignore the fact that they’ve chosen to practice their boxing and film it in possibly one of the most inconvenient, crowded, and hectic spots that they could choose to do this in.  Ignore all a that, and just focus on the fact that they are using a VHS camera.  Because just like a Harry Krishna that uses a fuckin’ Mac Book to Twitter, fuckin’ VHS cameras apparently still do exist. 

            So Tumblr, my roundabout point in all of this is that no matter how hard you try in this life to figure shit out, there are always gonna be things that just don’t make any sense.  You’re going to have to accept all of them, even the Harries, because if everything made sense, well then, I don’t think I’d really ever have come across a Jam Van to blog about in the first place.  So you have to accept that I’m leaving you, fight on, you’ve still got a handful of worthwhile idiots to listen to.

Track for the Day:  Bob Dylan’s “Girl from the North Country Fair” off of Nashville Skyline.  Because I haven’t posted a Dylan track as the track for the day yet, and this here be my favorite of ’em all, and to have a distinct favorite in anything, well that folks is rare.

Links for the Day:

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His fans weren’t pissed about him bangin’ lil’ boys, but this, this irks them.  Sorry Phil, he definitely popped out some kick ass-jams and dance skips, but dude was a creeeep.  (via Daily Swarm)

Damn Weezy, I don’t think you need to be dilutin’ yourself like this… (via Spin)