Before I was brought onto this radical team, one of the only Jam in the Van video’s I had seen was a band who I love, Misterwives’ in their 2014 SXSW session. At that time they were just starting to build a fan base and were getting ready to release their first and latest album. Today, a little more than a year later, as I sit here writing this at a cafe in Paris, France.. their hit single “Our Own House” plays over the radio. I began to apply that moment as an overjoyed fan unexpectedly hearing their song in a foreign country, to what Jake had written when he was introducing this band, Heartwatch. Of course there are high expectations for every artist we record to succeed in this industry, and on occasion when it does happen you might find one of us in a cafe dancing in our seat, singing along to every word with a childlike exultant smile. Heartwatch had a similar effect on their audience at Outsidelands and the viewers of their JITV session at Lennon Rehearsal Studios, so we surely believe this is one artist worth getting to know, meet Claire from Heartwatch in the corner this week!