A few years back we filmed the Mowgli’s in our backyard of Venice, CA. You might be thinking… “Wait. I don’t remember seeing a Jam in the Van session with the Mowgli’s in Venice!” Well, let me let you in on a little secret… We were supposed to park The Van outside The Roxy in West Hollywood, but unfortunately The Van wouldn’t start that day. So, we invited the Mowgli’s to come to Venice and film the session in the parking lot of a church, while pretending The Van was parked outside The Roxy. While in Venice one of The Mowgli’s, Josh, wandered off into the streets of Venice where he almost got into a fight with a local for putting up a sticker on a stop sign. However, after dropping Spud’s name, Josh was cleared of all charges and pronounced free to continue on his way.

So let this be a lesson to you, If you ever get into any trouble on the streets of Venice, just drop Spud’s name and you’ll be good.