Big Homie spent the better part of his first few decades on this earth bouncing in an out of the penitentiary system. He was an institutionalized individual with very short-sighted and selfish goals. As he’s described it to me, he found religion in jail and that saved him. At a certain point in his life Pastor Andrews decided he no longer wanted to be a product of his environment, he didn’t want to spend his life in jail. So he turned his life around, took to the pulpit, and began to be a positive force within the community that had once led him astray.

Nowadays you can find Pastor Andrews at his church, Mt. Hebron Baptist, where he leads a congregation and oversees the Big Homies Project, a program designed specifically for early intervention with the youth of the community so that the youngsters he affects don’t make the same mistakes that he once made. It’s a necessary and noble cause, and a brave one, and when Spud put us in touch with him we were inspired to participate.

Check out the interview below to learn more about Big Homie and the Big Homie Project.