There was a lot of anticipation leading up to this interview. The personalities in the van, Spud, an OG from Venice. Bunny an OB from “Nowhere.”

I’m not gonna lie, at first there was a bit of hesitation on Spudnick’s part. I believe his initial response was “hell no I ain’t interviewin’ no damn bunny-man.” He’s a trooper though, and with proper coaxing he came around to the idea and began to prepare his questions. I would say that it was a surprise to see Spud and NOBUNNY jumping up and down in the van and hugging one another, but it wasn’t. Spud’s a character to rival all characters, and that bunny-man, he’s right up there with the best of them.

Now without further ado, bare witness to the greatest interview ever to grace the YouTube-o-sphere.