Spud is not the type to tell you no. Even if I tell him to tell you no, he’s going to find some other creative way of telling that to you. So when festival goers at High Sierra continuously asked him how they could Jam in the Van, rather than give them the standard “you have to be a festival artist to participate” response, Spud gave them a bit of hope. That bit of hope turned into Spud convincing us that we needed to give some of these folks a chance, that we might discover a diamond in the crust. So we created Cuz’s Open Mic, two hours under the Quincy, CA sun where any and all could show up to the van, sign their name ont he sign in sheet and get their chance to sing into our mics on camera. Suffice to say now I have to hear “so I had a pretty good idea huh Jake?” every time I see Spud. Can’t wait until the next light bulb goes off over his head.