I believe I woke up Saturday morning with some excruciating nausea which upon leaving the tent was severely bolstered by the sun, and rendered me incapacitated on a bean-bag chair for the first couple hours of the morning.

At some point I got enough alcohol back into my system to rise from the puddle of sweat accumulated on the bean bag chair and start the day, which would coincidentally begin with meeting a girl named Bean and her very friendly band. We met Bean on Twitter right before the festival, and we set up the session because we liked the couple of solo performances we watched from her on YouTube. When she showed up with a band we didn’t know what to expect, and what we got was more then a pleasant surprise. I’ll let the words of Spud describe what we saw from Bean’s Jam Van performance and her evening’s performance on The Miller Light Stage at the festival.

Bean Performance

Bean in technicolor…


Bean with Band

Bean in a Jam Van…

“Aaah man, Bean man, Bean is a star! Cause she’s got the hits! She’s got the hits baby!”

Just picture him doing a half C-Walk dance while saying that line and you get a good idea of what we’re talking about.

Bean Panorama

Bean in Panorama…

The second band of the day was a group of dudes who were camped near us and saw our thing going on, and decided that they wanted in on the action. We kind of took a leap of faith on Staying for the Weekend because we’d never heard their music, and didn’t really give it a listen before we said “sure why the hell not?” Again, a pleasant surprise awaited us. These dudes jam and were’ good shits at the same time and we’re all about jammy good shits…

After Staying for the Weekend split we had to get all gussied up for television because Adam Richman and a crew from Travel Channel’s new show Fandamonium showed up to capture the magic that is Jam in the Van. Adam’s a cool dude. His ability to go from hanging out and shooting the shit to saying some made for TV b.s. is unreal. I’m talking he can flip the switch in the blink of an eye and then just start spitting some crap that sounds scripted but I’m pretty sure it was all off the cuff. Bob Barker on roids boie.

Adam Richman

Black jeans and a long sleeve shirt in June in Tennessee is not the look Mr. Richman…

So Daniel Romano played some guitar and Goose Man and the Perfect Hippie threw some lobster tails and steaks on the grill and we showed Mr. Man vs. Food our type of a good time. It included shots from a glass AK-47 that was filled with tequila and a hug from the Goose Man. I think it comes on the cables in August, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. If you don’t, sucks to you.

Getting Mic'd Up

It tickles.

Goose and Adam Richman

Goose Man vs. Food

Grilling for M v F

Do people film you with big cameras when you grill or is that just a Perfect Hippie thing?

That concluded our filming for the day, and left me to again lament all of the music that I seemingly missed out in the fields during the day. Sacrifices peoples. However, the beauty of Bonnaroo is that most of the artists there are worth seeing, so even if you miss an entire day you still get a night filled with performances that you may remember forever.

For me, Jack Johnson as the fill in headliner was a let down. I wasn’t super stoked on Mumford and Sons in the Saturday Night slot to begin with, but I don’t wish a blood clot in the brain on anyone (there are caveats to that rule of course), so I was a bit bummed by the swap, and I took in only about an hour of Jack Johnson from the back of the crowd. There were as expected pretty girls and guitar solos, and that’s about the whole of it. The good stuff on Saturday came late night, that’s when R. Kelly appeared on top of a massive light structure above the Which Stage to a massive applause. There would later be speculation as to whether or not it was R. way up there or an R. double, because dude got down to the stage real quick like. Either way, they both wore a whit leather jacket, and the real R. packed his set with all the hits (just like Bean), everyone in the crowd sang along, ladies twerked, glow sticks flew, people looked extra white trying to keep up, etc. etc…

The R. Kelly singalong turned into a Billy Idol singalong. Billy’s still got it. He looks a little older, but he rocks just the same. Spud was feeling it, feeling it real good.

Those vibes took us into the grand marquee of the evening, the show that I had marked down for months as the one I wanted to see. The Rock n’ Soul Dance Party Superjam featuring Jim James, John Oates, Zigaboo Modeliste (of the Meters), Preservation Hall Jazz Band, sheesh, that’s a lot to say… Add to that appearances by Brittany Howard of the Alabama Shakes, R. Kelly, and Billy Idol, and jesus, that’s some a the good shit… Thanks to all of them for letting me be myself, it was wild. I hit a wall after that and found my way to the tent. No thizz music for me that night. One more day to go. Pace is everything.

PH with Guitar

He will tell you that this is the best performance we saw all weekend.

Spud and Bean

Bean got a knowledge session with Spud. Note how his hand is naturally inclined towards a Westside position.