It’s September. I know this because I saw the kids walking to high school this morning. Uniforms on an’ shit. I ain’t never had to wear a uniform, not in school, not really in life, except for a short stint in the Cub Scouts, which flared out after I got torched in the pinewood derby. I was out and about at walkin’ to school time because I had to drop Gorilla off at the airport. He’s off to the land of my birth to visit our team Chach and to see one of his old buddies end his life in matrimonial bliss (ed. note: they’re droppin’ like flies).

We will thus be having our first Gorilla-less shoot this weekend, putting it in the very capable hands of one Ari Zadok. This will be the first time that someone else is in command of the visual crew for the Jam Van, and the first time that someone different has driven the beast to a location. Given our prior history of unfortunate events, we will now all begin to cross our fingers and hope that all remains copacetic this Saturday. If I got nervous I supposed I’d be nervous, but shit’s gonna happen regardless of your nerves, so best to just let it play out.

As I saw no music, no nekked neighbors, and really no nothing yesterday (ed. note: FUCK-A-JOB), I can only use the internet as a source to point y’all to something interesting for the day.  So we’ll go ahead and skip the rambling formalities, and hope for a more exciting Thursday.

Hallelujah Holla-back.
Quote of the Day: Larry David – “It was a Shit bow.”

Track for the Day: The Breeders “Night of Joy” off of Mountain Battles

Links for the Day:

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