Join Jam In the Van in helping The Big Homie Project raise funds to help provide safe transportation for their youth group in South Central, Los Angeles, CA.


The Big Homie Program works with inner city youth from middle school through high school to provide them with a healthy alternative to some of the dangerous influence that exist in society. The Big Homie Program provides recreational and educational activities and social awareness programs to keep children involved in positive activities within their community and the City of Los Angeles.
We are seeking funds to help raise money to purchase a safe fifteen passenger van to provide a reliable source of transportation for the Big Homie Program to use for local road trips and out of city excursions. The Van will open opportunities for the program and the children involved in the program that did not exist prior. With a reliable source of transportation the Big Homie Program will be able to increase it’s influence on these childrens’ lives and provide them with many more positive alternatives for their future and well being.

The Big Homie Program is looking to raise $25,000.00, all of which will go towards the purchase of a new van for the youth group, insurance, registration, and any remaining funds will be put towards gas and activities for the youth group.

The Big Homie Program has been in existence for ten years. During this period of time the program has been able to positively influence the lives of many children who have been in need of a positive influence in their community. The Program has been a crucial cog in the neighborhood of South Central Los Angeles that has provided a necessary diversion for the areas youth in order to keep them off the streets out of gangs and away from the negative influences that are prevalent in their community.

We understand that not everyone has money to contribute to the cause. However, we would greatly appreciate any and all help that you can offer in assistance towards making our goal a reality. Please share this campaign with as many people as you can. Email your friends and relatives, post it to your social media accounts, and let your community know about this program so that the children of South Central Los Angeles can receive this much needed vehicle. Any and all help that can be given will go a long way towards enriching the lives of a large number of kids who are in need of positive influence.