Living in Southern California will make you forget how miserable rain can be. In Los Angeles it can actually be quite lovely to get a rain day. It’s such a rare occurrence that it’s like getting a snow-day. You don’t feel the need to go outside, you don’t feel the urge to get exercise. It’s raining out, and thereby it’s ok to curl up under a blanket on the couch and let the day slip on by. Our weekend in Telluride was a good reminder that sometimes rain isn’t so cozy.

We happened to pick one of the rainiest weeks in Colorado history to make our first trek into those mountains. The rain started the minute we crossed into the state and did not let up until we split town. Our shoes were caked in mud, the van’s roof was leaking, our raincoats saw more use then they had in years, and the only ones who stayed warm and dry the entire time were our dogs who got to lay around in a fancy condo for a week.

That feeling you get when you come in from the rain, that instant gratification that comes with stripping off your damp clothes and wrapping yourself in a blanket, it’s wonderful. That’s kind of how we can best describe these Yurt sessions, during which we got to duck away into a nice warm and dry sanctuary with the likes of artists like ZZ Ward. We all stepped in there wet and muddy, but once the door shut, the rain was just a pitter patter on the roof, and you couldn’t even hear it once the music got going. I think that’s why nobody was really phased by it throughout the weekend. The music was just too good and the vibes just too heady, they would of needed a whole lot more precipitation to dampen that.