Some people have that innate ability to make you happy. This cat, Zach Deputy, he’s one of those people. We filmed him years ago in Venice Beach. According to Mr. Spud, it was the first day that he worked for Jam in the Van, and so that Zach Deputy session was a very memorable one for him. When Spud found out we were filming Zach again in Telluride, one of Spud’s favorite places in the world, well he got extra excited, because for him, Zach Deputy equals great memories. Zach showed up wearing a teddy bear hat and a big smile and he started up a hacky sack circle with a beach ball while he was waiting for his tech to set up his rig. Sure enough that smile he brought trickled off onto every other person surrounding The Van at the time. Then Zach split off from the circle to go do his thing in The Van, and what happened next was pretty phenomenal. That circle became a mass of flailing bodies all dancing to the magic that Mr. Deputy was spewing out of his looping contraption and pushing through the speakers. His innate ability to make folks happy was hard at work. It happened then, and now it’s going to happen to you… Dig on.