We were by this time in the thick of it as far as SXSW was concerned. We’d been in Texas for the better part of a work week. Our throats had coated with dust and pollen, our stomachs had become festering pits of tacos and spirits, and our eyes kind of burned a little from sharing a basement with about eight dudes. Yet, at the same time, the party was just beginning. It was after-all only Friday, and that meant the heady stretch of the mountain that was this festival was still in front of us. Thus we needed the kind of music that could help us push through the burn and into the heady.

Slap play on this, and you’ll get the same jet-boosters we got. Not that garbage 5 hour energy crap that you get at 7-11, that’s probably gonna give your future kid a 3rd eye. No, I’m talking about the type of boosters that start with clicking your feet, twisting at the knees, loosening up your elbows and shoulders and shaking at the head. This right here is %100 pure, all natural, Canadian Energy boost, and you don’t have to worry about any health repercussions occurring down the line. All you have to worry about is your groove. Yukon Blonde, enjoy.