Much love to these guys for winning our most successful JITV Talent Search Contest ever. We changed the final round up this year, because in the past, voting security may not have been the most ideal, and some folks (not naming names), may have played the system. Anyways, we’ve always been about trying our best to throw some love out and help where we can. We see it as a privilege to get to do what we do everyday at JITV, and so when we can pay thanks for that, we give it a shot. So the final round in this year’s talent search was a charitable fundraiser. We love dogs. I mean sure, sometimes my dogs are dicks. Like when they eat my car key or get piss on my couch… but mostly we love them, a lot. So we asked the finalists to help raise money for the PAWS of Chicago, which is an animal shelter that had an overwhelming amount of pups and cats that were dealing with a brutal winter. Long story short, WYO crushed the game. These dudes raised over two grand from their fans in like five days, which helped a lot of furry buddies. That being said, the only reason they got to raise that money is because they were picked as a finalist, and that’s because we were into their tunes. So give it a listen, and do something good for someone or something today, it’s a solid feeling.