When I was in high school my mom worried that if I was changing CD’s in my car while driving that I would get in a wreck. So she made me get one of those 6 disc changers that went in the trunk of the car. This was during the late 90’s and CD’s were very much still a thing. So they were also kind of expensive, and computers couldn’t just shit them out instantly. At least the computer I had couldn’t. It was a whole process and I was not very good at figuring it out. So I got CD’s once in a while, my collection was a little sparse. One album that I did have however, was Wyclef Jean’s “The Carnival.” I remember this distinctly because it was my go to. It was the disc that always stayed in the trunk. That and a FunkMaster Flex mix CD. Both were spectacular. Both had a little bit of everything on them, as well as some pretty awesome guest performers.

So imagine now, how awesome it was to get to drive from Lake Travis to Downtown Austin to pick Wyclef up from The Fader Fort and drive him out to the Jam Van at the lake (disregarding the crazy parking attendant who literally had a conniption when I pulled onto the blocked street and asked if I could approach the venue to receive Wyclef). He found me nonetheless and what a pleasure it was to spend the next few hours with the guy who sang to me nearly every day on my drive home from High School.

He is a consummate musician. As soon as we touched ground on the property he hopped out of the car and asked where he could find the Guild guitar that he was going to use for his session. Usually he plays a guitar that Santana gifted to him, but for this one he went into our Guild Lounge and picked out his weapon of choice. In doing so he put on a little impromptu show for everyone inside. They were all pretty bummed when I came in and interrupted it in order for him to hop in The Van. “Fear not” I assured them, he’s about to play again. Which he did, and here it is. Just as amazing as it was nineteen years ago (crap…), blasting out of the speakers of my ’94 Chevy Corsica with duct tape on the rear view mirror that didn’t match the rest of the paint job. Just as amazing.