The sound of Wolf Jett will make you dance, sing, and possibly even howl. Its roots run deep into the soul and help you heal from the heaviness of life. Their sound is a celebration of perseverance, infusing folk, blues, americana and soul into what can only be described as “Cosmic Mountain Music.” Frontman Chris Jones (Scary Little Friends) was born in the south and raised in CA, His songs combine the best of both worlds to create a vibe that is fresh yet immediately familiar to a broad audience. Joined by long-time musical collaborator Jon Payne (Elliott Peck, The Painted Horses) on drums, Jeff Kissell (Marty O’Reilly and the OSO) on bass, Will Fourt (McCoy Tyler Band) on dobro/guitar, Alex Jordan (Midnight North) on keys and debuting Laura T. Lewis on vocals/percussion.