For the last couple of years we’ve had this idea in our minds about having a home base for Jam in the Van (that doesn’t take up a parking spot behind my house). We envisioned a club-house type of an environment, where musicians could come and kick it with us, have a beer, take a load off, and record a Jam in the Van Session. For a while it seemed like a pipe dream, so we filed it away with the rest of our dreams. Something to revisit later on down the line. Well, having now sat on a comfy couch in our warehouse playing XBox on a TV screen that was mounted on the side of The Jam Van while Wildling performed inside, I can safely say we are no longer dreaming about this. Our HQ was fully up and running during this session and we’re pretty excited about it. Now I’ve got to go try and get someone to send us some free hover-boards to ride around in there. Never stop dreaming!