It was the end of our Austin Experience and I was giving Wolf a high five because we’d made it through the week without any hiccups. Western Youth’s song “King is Gone” was playing on the playback, as they had just unloaded from The Van, having just played the 46th and final session of the long week. “We didn’t fuck anything up” I said to Wolf, and literally, at that very same moment, we hear a crash about 38 feet away (the length of The Van). We fucked up the band’s car… through a bit of bad luck, some cases of Topo Chico mineral water came crashing down upon the hood and all of a sudden we owed Western Youth a new bumper. At any rate, the song kept playing, all the while we were dealing with the after effects of our one little hiccup for the week. It was late, we were tired, the band was tired, and not thrilled about their car, and it was obviously going to cost a bit of money to fix it… but it’s only money, and the song, is really good, and at the time it felt like it fit the soundtrack to the moment pretty perfectly. Alls well that ends well.