When we get back from Jam Van runs we’re always ready to sleep in our own beds. The road is fun, but you get worn out. You miss your friends and significant others. You miss your cats and dogs. That first night back is really, really good sleep. Then, as days go by, and you fall into your routine you start to get antsy. Those nights of sleep become less and less awesome, and you start jonesing for adventure. So as I sit here cooped up in Venice Beach watching these WAXY vids, it’s hard to not long for that day in the desert. That was a hell of a good time, one of the most memorable happenings that we’ve created with The Van. It was a Wednesday or a Thursday, logic should have dictated that we’d need to be at a job working, or something like that, but we were kind of working. It just happened that we were working in a place where all of our stresses and cares were washed away by the Joshua Tree sunshine. Not a damn care in the world, and that’s a nice way to live. That’s what we get the itch for, that carefree living, where just music and the road to find it is pressing on us. That and sunshine. So here’s a little taste, hopefully it helps you sleep poorly tonight,