Moon Block Party had a wonderfully DIY feel to it. Not to say that it wasn’t completely awesome and well put together, because it was, but it just had a kind of homegrown vibe. So since we’re pretty much as wonderfully DIY as you can get, we really dug that vibe. Nothing more so than the spontaneous circumstances that led to Wax Children hopping into The Van for one of our trippiest sessions to date. We’d just wrapped up shooting The Black Lips, and everyone was hanging out around The Van when a group of very band-looking fellers approached us and asked if they could play a session. As luck would have it, we had an opening in our schedule right then and there, because a last minute scratch on the festival’s schedule led to a slew of set time rearrangements and some of the bands that were supposed to Jam in the Van weren’t able to as a result, and so it opened up slots for other bands to hop in. Enter Wax Children. Right place, right time, right tunes!