I watched entirely too much Beavis and Butthead growing up. I was very into it, still am. Even went so far as to write a college term paper on them once. I titled it “The Beavis is Smarter Than You,” meant as a jab at a Television History Professor whom I found less than educational. Joke was on me though, because she gave me a crap grade for a TV history class that should have been an easy A. Anyways, the thing that I liked about Beavis and Butthead was that it was really simple. I’m a proponent of keeping shit simple. Beavis and Butthead knew what they liked and they knew what they thought sucked, huh huh. This right here, War Drum, they would probably start doing that thing where they got off the couch Butthead would start humping the air and Beavis would start humping the couch. I think they were dancing. Yep, this right here would make Beavis and Butthead dance, and that’s a big time compliment coming from me.