In the opinion of a dude who got into music listening to Widespread Panic and The Drive By Truckers, this right here was good stuff.

The day before this set we drove down to the river. Sailed my folks old beat up Chrysler car/boat up and down winding roads on the western side of North Carolina. They drive American cars around there. Folks don’t hook up their I-Phones to their auto speaker systems, well, some do, but it ain’t really the norm yet. Our wheels that day only had the radio and a couple of cassette tapes. Random ones whose names we didn’t know. We blasted them all the same. Windows down, the boat a rambling.

Spent the day jumping off rocks and swatting horse flies. Then back down the winding roads, just at that time when the air was sweetest, the fire-flies starting to hover about. Dry off with a couple of towels, throw our pants on, and head on back down the winding roads.

It gets darker out there than it does in Los Angeles. That’s a certainty. Dark and quiet. It’s therapeutic in a way. Just like the river cleans your body and feels crisp when you get out, that southern night cleans your head and feels just as crisp sometimes.

That’s what I mean when I say the tunes Velvet Truckstop dropped us the next day were good stuff. That rambling, river swimming, fire-fly dancing, rock and roll, good stuff.