Time flies, it really does.

It’s pretty amazing to think that it’s already been a couple of years since we first encountered Valley Queen at Filth Mart in Hollywood and first were serenaded by Natalie’s voice.

Since that day it’s been a whirlwind as we’ve had the pleasure of being able to lend a hand in their maturation as a band, and somewhere along the way we’ve also had the chance to become their friends and to share a lot of great moments together.

We believe the sky is the limit for these talented cats, and we’re going to keep blasting their music from the top of our hill so that everyone who crosses through our stratosphere can catch a gust of the tunes that their blowing out and hopefully be refreshed by the poignancy and strength with which they perform them. Hell, we believe so strongly in this group that we’ve had them in The Van to record 4 sessions. That’s more than any other musician(s), and there have been a lot of acts that we could have chosen from. So, hopefully that says something. If not, well, give it another listen…