By this time in my life I’ve come to realize that we’re all just wandering. There’s no rhyme or reason to where your day goes after you wake up in the morning. You can control certain things, but there’s plenty that you have no say over. So it’s a daily stumble between these two forces. Where you want to go and where you end up going. Along the way you get plenty of hints that it ain’t gonna last too long. Then when the end occurs, you know it was short. So wander bravely out there. Each step can be a great one, and each step can be your last.

In that, we’re all like tumbleweeds, rolling through life, blowing from place to place, slowing down when we get caught up, fading off when we burn out… Yeah, that all seems a bit heavy handed, but sometimes good music puts you in that headspace. If a band is named Tumbleweed Wanderers, and this band is, then they better have something worth a damn to say, and they better say it with some understanding.

You’re free to judge the music as you see fit. We posted it because we like it, and we like these guys. From our run-ins with them we know that they’re quality people, so we say it’s worth a damn to listen to them sing about being lost while you wander along. After-all, we’re all just tripping, might as well do it with a song.