A couple of years ago, the Perfect Hippie and myself headed up to San Francisco for Lagunitas’ Couch Trippin’ to SXSW party. There was beer, and circus performers, and all of our Lagunitas’ friends, and also, The Tumbleweed Wanderers. What more I remember of that evening is that I remember very little of that evening, which is the true sign of a good party. However, there is one very vivid recollection, of myself and the PH walking down the street outside of the venue at the end of the night. I was holding a Tumbleweed Wanderers’ vinyl that PH had purchased for me at the party, and who should stroll by us but the Tumbledweed Wanderers themselves. They smiled at me and said “hey, that’s a great purchase you made there,” referring to the record. I smiled back and told them that I was Jake from Jam in the Van and that we had to get them back in The Van soon. They agreed and then we said farewell.

Now here we are, over a year removed from that occasion, and a comment said in passing, at a party, by a group of very drunk individuals has actually come to fruition. I’m sure most reading this are aware of the very minute percentage of drunk ideas that actually become realities. So I guess it’s safe to say that this session is pretty amazing, on several levels. Oh, and did I mention that these dudes are a really good time at parties? Here’s to Jam Van magic, it’s one of a kind.