Back in the day we used to have to cold call bands.  “Hey, we’ve got an RV, it’s parked in an alley.  Do you want to bring all of your gear there and play a set?”

That approach didn’t always get the desired results, but it got enough results so that overtime we built up an awesome catalog of recordings that we were able to use in unison with our cold calls, which made for much more effective outreach. Fast-forward to present day and we’ve got an exceptionally awesome catalog and we don’t really have to cold call anymore. We get bands hitting us up everyday asking if they can Jam in the Van.  It’s a little bit overwhelming, but in the best kind of way.  Now time has become of the essence in regards to submission review.  So if I play a song, and I make it through the entire song, then we’ve got something to work with.  If I play another another song from the same artist, just because I want to hear it, well, then that band is jamming in The Van.

In the case of Todo Mundo, I played every damn song they sent, and I emailed Dave (we pick the bands together) and I said “got to get these guys in.”  It’s just that good.  It is just-that-good.