These guys are like that dude from high school who still lives in your hometown and still uses the same bong he had when you were younger. They were in The Van once before, way back when at our first ever Burgerama. Hell, I think it was the first ever Burgerama, period. In the years since, that van has come and gone and Jam in the Van has gone through a good amount of changes and milestones. Yet the Tijuana Panthers are the same three dudes, just as cool as ever.

I remembered at least some of them are teachers during the day, so I was not too surprised when the lead guitarist, Chad, said he couldn’t take one of our “Jam in the Phuckin Van” shirts. I also remembered they were pretty chill dudes who seemed to have a leg up in the whit-game, so I was also not too surprised when I couldn’t tell if Chad was bullshitting me or not about the shirt. I appreciate the whit and the consistency. I don’t know the status of their bong, but I hope we see these dudes again in a few years and I hope they haven’t changed a bit.