It’s always funky when the world gets small. Take for instance our or rather, my, chance encounter with creator Brandon Dorsky. Well, it wasn’t so much an encounter as it was a Twitter, because, being a purveyor of SuperGoodMusic links, and a resident of the Los Angeles urrea, he came across our videos, and followed us on the Tweet-feed. At some point, I think over Thanksgiving we were both tweeting about the Michigan vs. Ohio State game, oh yeah, that was Thanksgiving, we worked those punks. Anyways, he was tweeting GoBlue, I was tweeting the same, only I guess I was swearing more, and that was how we figured out that one another went to Michigan, and when the Buddhaphest told me Brandon’s name (because I only knew him as @SuperGoodMusic), I said, that kind of sounds familiar. Couldn’t put my finger on it until we met at the Central S.A.P.C. and figured out exactly the heady encounter we’d had in college. Not that long ago. Heady nontheless.

So, through that, and of course much Buddhaphesting, we started a collaboration with, in which we help one another spread headiness and good vibes and good tunes to the world. SuperGood’s first offering is a four-piece electro-pop outfit that lay their heads down in Los Angeles. We met them over in El Segundo, behind the MXL factory. It wasn’t scenic, it was a little chilly out, but we had a good time. Click play and get lost in some Tic Tic Boom.