Nowadays the word “homie” gets thrown around very easily. I’m not sure if it’s Facebook’s fault or what, but in this day and age it takes next to nothing to qualify as a homie. You don’t necessarily even need to know the person to whom you’re referring to as a homie, let alone actually be their homie… so anyways, we met Thurz and his Party in My Living crew out in the Coachella Valley at Basecamp. They were providing the poolside entertainment for the day, and, full disclosure here, the event was not, how shall I put this… it was def not poppin’. So we had plenty of time to make the acquaintance of King Thurz and his Party in My Living Room team. In fact, we hit it off fairly well. He gave us some shoes, we gave him some shades. We agreed to hang out at a later date in Los Angeles which we did. So it is with extreme confidence that I say that we recorded this session with our new homie, Thurz!

Now don’t even get me started on the misuse of “fam.”