They start one of their songs by saying they are about to play some “shitty” rock and roll music for you. Well boys, if that were the case, we certainly would not have wasted our time with you, so don’t insult us. No, no, this is awesome rock and roll. It’s got everything you need. It’s loud. The dudes playing it have seemingly questionable morals, hygiene, and haircuts. You can head-bang to it if you want/need to. That’s a good enough list for me to be sold. Plus, these guys literally have the coolest band t-shirts I have come across… and I’m kind of an expert in the area. I walked away from the shoot with a shirt with the graphic of a chicken riding a chopper bike with the words “American Man” emblazoned upon it, as well as another shirt with the graphic of a lucha libre smoking a cigarette with the words “Party On” penned on the bottom. I defy you to find a cooler batch of shirts.

So please, ignore the band’s warning. There’s nothing shitty about this. Party on.