So Spud’s always telling me stories about how he goes places and people recognize him from Jam in the Van and they get all excited. If you’ve ever been told a “Spud Story” you understand it when I say that it’s sometimes hard to believe him. That’s a result of his enthusiasm and the outlandish variety of tale that he tells. However, over the course of our at this point long friendship, time and time again I have been dumbfounded when one of his stories will in some way be verified.

The reason I bring this up here is that one day Spud told me a story about how he went to a deli near his home in Upland and the girl behind the counter saw his JITV shirt and got super jazzed about it and she made him a free sandwich. Mind you, by my count this is like the third free sandwich that Spud has claimed to have received from wearing a JITV shirt (albeit one was a bagel sandwich). Well, I filed it away in my folder of Spud stories until low and behold The Wild Reeds came to play The Van and I met Kinsey, the very girl who worked at that very deli and made Spud that very sandwich… So, what we’ve learned here is that a) don’t doubt Spudnik (unless he’s discussing sports, then doubt him %100 because he is always wrong), and b) if you want to Jam in the Van give us free sandwiches.