I’m posting this on the headiest of days of the year, depending of course on your definition of the word. It takes me back to my college days in Ann Arbor, MI. where April 20th was aptly dubbed “Hash Bash,” and it was supposed to be a big festival celebrating that magical plant with vendors in the streets and parties all up and down the State Street and South U. For one day the stoner who showed up late to class and slept in the back was to be king. Unfortunately, the year that I got to college was also the year that the man chose to kill Hash Bash. They banned vendors and put out double 5.0 on the streets to make sure nobody was acting a fool in public. Thus, for those four years of my life, April 20th was synonymous with the day that everyone who didn’t usually get stoned decided they wanted to get stoned or to make pot brownies or something of the like, and of course when that happens they have to act as if they just downed a vile of acid and totally over-blow the whole display. It was a full on placebo effect, and for guys like me, it became a day to avoid all of that, and just sit inside and play video games or watch TV. To be honest, it was kind of sad.

So now I’m older, or just flat out old as my significant other reminds me every day, and while I shouldn’t still be excited about April 20th, I kind of am. This is because I’ve got the luxury of working a gig that’s kind of like a dream come true. I make my own schedule, we play rock and roll in our office all day, and we have an office bong. So, as this country steadily pushes towards realizing that pot is far less of a threat to society than cancer sticks and Budweiser, 4/20 is becoming a bigger and bigger deal again. Thus, here at Jam in the Van we’re celebrating it by putting out our second session with one of the headiest bands we’ve had the pleasure of working with over the past few years, The Wild Feathers. So here’s to hoping that somewhere in Ann Arbor some kids are toking up and playing these tracks while lighting a BBQ grill in a yard and skipping class. Today’s a great day for that (every day’s a great day for that), so stop reading this and go out and have fun. Oh, and GO BLUE!