THE THINGS are L.A. rockers that fire on all cylinders and are known for their groovy analog sound, one take track recording, and raucous, vibrant live performances. Their intoxicating, genre bending music spans from hard-hitting punch of classic rock and psychedelia down the ladder to funk, soul, jazz, blues and more, anything and everything goes. And goes down good. ​ They don’t just play rock n’ roll, they LIVE IT. Recording and living together in a community of artists at The Skipper Room the group’s bohemian lifestyle and kaleidoscope of chemistry weaves raw, saturated edges into their debut album “Vicarious Catharsis”, channeling the energy and abandon of rock’s ’60s and ’70s halcyon days. Lukas Neufeld (vocalist/ guitar), Justice Joslin (bassist/ producer), Matty “Moose” Pert (drums, vocals), and Oscar Bugarin (vocalist/ guitar).