Meet The Thing, a dynamic four-piece hailing from the bustling streets of New York City. Their story traces back to high school days, where Michael Carter, Jack Bradley, and Zane Acord found common ground in their shared passion for the raw energy of rock & roll. Influenced by the groundbreaking sounds of 60s icons like The Kinks and Grand Funk Railroad, as well as the eclectic mix found on the Nuggets compilation, they began their journey of musical exploration.

Through years of self-recording and relentless songwriting sessions, The Thing cultivated their signature sound – a fusion of vintage vibes with a modern twist, drawing inspiration from contemporary trailblazers such as Brian Jonestown Massacre, King Gizzard, and The Black Keys.

Their ascent to prominence kicked off with electrifying performances across New York City’s vibrant music scene, igniting a fervent following among true music aficionados. As their reputation spread like wildfire, The Thing embarked on a whirlwind tour along the East Coast, delivering their infectious energy to eager audiences far and wide.

In April 2023, they unleashed their debut album, “Here’s The Thing,” a labor of love that encapsulates their musical evolution. From the hills of Sharon, CT to the heart of Crown Heights, and finally, within the confines of their East Williamsburg studio, Onion Records, each track is imbued with the band’s unwavering commitment to authenticity and their unbridled passion for the essence of rock & roll.

With their debut record making waves, The Thing is far from slowing down. With the addition of Lucas Ebeling on the drums, they’re on an unstoppable trajectory, touring relentlessly, crafting new sonic adventures, and poised to make an even bigger splash with their highly anticipated second album, aptly titled “The Thing Is.” Stay tuned as they continue to redefine the boundaries of modern rock & roll.