We’re still in full swing SXSW mode over here. We’re prepping for one hell of a trip and the anticipation is reaching a head. Part of that anticipation is that we’ll be debuting the finished version of the new addition to the Jam Van, a full-vehicle mural painted by LA graffiti legend, Mear One. Our editor, and my homie, Adam, recently pointed out that he and I have been talking about and following Mear One’s work for a lot of year’s. I’ve had a piece of his on my walls at home for about five or six of them and it was always kind of a pipe dream to get him to paint The Van. If anything, Jam in the Van has taught me to not be surprised when things like this happen. It’s merely just another affirmation that if you work hard good things will happen.

This anecdote was all to say that the Thermals were one of the first bands to play in the Jam Van with the mural, as still uncompleted. They were the first art inside the art… that’s way meta, right?!