My daily routine used to be, get up, hop in the shower, commute to work, sit at a desk all day pretending to get stuff done, head home, watch TV. My daily routine today is very different. It still starts with a shower on most days, but then I generally walk over to my computer and pull up the back-end of this website and begin to think about what I’m going to type about the day’s band. Sometimes it comes easy. Maybe I know the band or their music, or maybe we had a memorable time with them or at the event. Sometimes it’s not as simple. Maybe I didn’t interact with them very much on set, or I’m not super familiar with the music. Or, more likely, I’m just drawing a blank as to what I should write.

My clearest memory of the Sheepdogs’ session is almost knocking over the keyboard player’s stand when I squeezed into The Van to get something. A disaster narrowly avoided. I don’t think I can stretch that into a full paragraph. Not one worth reading.

Regardless of if I have something good to write or not, I like my new routine a lot better than my old one. I enjoy what I do for a living now. It’s been a quick but good change. Maybe The Sheepdogs got that same kind of buzz in their insides when they landed on the cover of Rolling Stone. That was a few years back, but it seems like it wasn’t a flash in the pan. They’re road wethered musicians now, hopefully loving what they do.

My morning today started the same as it has for the past year and a half. While sitting at my desk I read a story about a college basketball player who had passed away from a brain tumor. She was quoted talking about the importance of living in the moment because no moment is promised. That goes both ways. Tomorrow could be really shitty or it could be really great. It got me thinking on this session that I had to write a paragraph about, and it turned into the words you maybe just scanned through. I don’t know where my daily routine will be in a few years any more so than The Sheepdogs know if they’ll ever be back on the cover of Rolling Stone. I do know that I can turn the music up as loud as I want and let it push me to explore all the moments that I can, and hopefully I’ll keep enjoying those days until the record runs out.