Every year we get better and better at SXSW. Shoot, I’m actually not supposed to use those initials or else the corporate monster that is “that festival in Austin, TX in March” is going to send us a cease and desist letter. Which actually speaks directly to my point. That event has gotten beyond out of control, and what I mean by us getting better at it every year is that we actually get further and further away from the central-physical location of the event. The nexus of which is located in Downtown Austin around the mess that is 6th Street. If you’re familiar with Austin you are aware that 6th Street, AKA “Dirty” 6th Street, is one of the most absurd streets in the united states. Think Bourbon St. in New Orleans but with stronger southern accents. I myself am not a fan of 6th Street on any day of the year, so take that dislike and multiply it by a lot when it comes to SXSW. Having swung and missed on our first couple of attempts at participating in this shit-show, we finally learned that the best way to go about being a part of SXSW is by getting as far away from it as we possibly can without leaving the state of Texas.

So this year’s event was well off the beaten path, so much so that there wasn’t much of a path at all. Instead there was a lake, which we found out was actually the Colorado River, which for some reason they refer to as Lake Travis. There we set up camp, and by camp I mean we rented a mansion and invited a plethora of musicians to join us for a week of recording, swimming, and escaping the madness of the actual SXSW.

So a big pat on our own backs for finally getting it perfect. I guess this doesn’t have anything to do with the Semi Supervillains aside from the fact that they were there to enjoy it with us, but whatever, not everything is meant to be perfect. I guess that’s why they’re just “Semi” Supervillains. Whoomp, there it is!