Born from the rich culture of the Colorado mountains, The Runaway Grooms are bringing a refreshing take on contemporary jam band music. With pocket grooves, syncopated rhythms, and expansive tones, the band captures elements of funk and psychedelic rock while simultaneously celebrating traditional songwriting roots of Americana music. Dueling guitar solos, 3-part harmonies, and a screaming lap steel guitar, combine to create a unique soundscape that takes listeners through an experiential musical journey. The Colorado based band formed when frontman, Adam Tobin, met guitarist, Zac Cialek, at employee housing for a ski resort. The two were joined by drummer and long time friend, Justin Bissett, shortly after and formed the original lineup of the band. Bassist/vocalist, Zach Gilliam, and keyboardist, Cody Scott, joined the band in November 2019. The addition of the new members helped catalyse the evolution of the band’s sound.