Upon announcing our return to SXSW we began receiving a slew of emails from bands all over the country looking to meet up with us in Austin, TX to film a Jam in the Van at SXSW. Unfortunately we don’t have a huge staff and so there isn’t enough time in the day for us to review all of our submissions immediately, especially at time of high volume, so we decided to come up with a contest so that we could whittle down the entrants to folks who really wanted to go the extra mile to Jam in the Van. That extra mile was really just a short submission form, but if we’ve learned anything from having a business on the internet, it’s that people don’t like to do things that take time.

So then, without further ado, here is the most deserving of all of those bands, as decided by a panel of heads hanging out on my couch one fine California day in February. The Rich Hands couldn’t make any of the designated times for their session, so we had to make up a time that worked for them, because they were the winners, and there can only be one winner (per year). That new time happened to be early in the morning, but they showed up and we woke up and the neighbors didn’t give a damn that we rocked it early, because if it’s good music, you can play it all night long!