They kept swinging the door wide open to feed off of the crowd that had gathered outside of The Van. They couldn’t resist bringing their faithful fans into the fray. Some sounds are too big to lock in a box, no matter how nice that box is, them jams are just too much fun. So you’ve got to crack the window, let the air in and let the soul out.

That Quincy, CA air caught that soul from out the van, on top of the van, in front of the van, behind the van, it was all over, and took that soul and it shined down on all of us for an entire weekend. It was hot man, temperatures up towards the century mark, but if you’ve got that much soul in the air, that much breeze, you’re staying cool, best believe that.

So when you play these tracks, open up the window, let your neighbors catch that down-wind magic, start the revival. I’ll pray on that.