I have now listened to The Revivalists’ latest release, “Men Amongst Mountains,” at least once a day for the last five days. It reminds me of the early Kings of Leon albums, catchy song after catchy song, but the types of songs that don’t sound like other people’s songs. These are uniquely The Revivalists’ tunes, and I think you’ll quite enjoy them. They were damn good when we met them a few years ago at High Sierra Music Festival. Those videos have a lot of hits on them. So I very much expect these videos to duplicate that success, if not find more. It’s also good to note that even though a few years had passed the band hasn’t lost their desire to play with our puppets, Clyde and Clydette. Yup, I’m pretty sure we have the only video of the Revivalists performing with a lip-synching puppet. That’s just a good time.