We had a volleyball court at SXSW and a water trampoline contraption thingy in the lake. Our camera operator, Willy, is usually a pretty reserved dude, but sometimes, a little bit of wild man comes out and he goes from 0-100 quick. Now, I don’t fux with volleyball so I watched from the sidelines. Willy went pretty hard during a drunken staff game. Then later in the evening, he went hard on the water trampoline, which I actually joined him on. It was not as fun as I had hoped and the water was freezing. All in all a bad decision on my part. Willy did a flip, which was impressive on two levels. One, the thing didn’t have much bounce. Two, it was a pretty shallow landing, which I don’t think he knew at the time. Anyways, Willy woke up with what looked to be a broken toe. It either happened during volleyball, or on that trampoline. He needed no prescriptions to recover.