The Pink Stones, an Athens, Georgia band composed of musicians from other local bands, brings a unique blend of musical styles to their performances. They combine spacey honky-tonk, energetic trucker anthems, and uplifting gospel with their frontman’s extensive musical knowledge. Their versatility embraces Athens’ musical freedom while standing out from other local bands. Their debut album, “Introducing… The Pink Stones,” received critical acclaim from Rolling Stone, No Depression, and American Songwriter. Through extensive touring, their music evolved, leading to their sophomore album. This time, they recorded in a relaxed setting, capturing the energy of their live shows. Collaborations with other musicians enriched their songs. Hunter Pinkston, the frontman, challenged the band by introducing new songs during recording, resulting in creatively enhanced tracks. Their touring experience refined their performance skills, and Pinkston’s growth as a songwriter is evident in introspective lyrics exploring themes of alienation, loneliness, and longing. Collaborating with Nikki Lane added depth to their album. “You Know Who” represents their current state while leaving room for future growth.