San Francisco is one of those cities that everyone likes to get excited about, and rightfully so. It’s a cool ass place. We knew that ahead of time, we’ve been there before. Seen the sites, tasted the wonderful cuisine, experienced the people, but we didn’t know the full extent of their music situation. Yes, it’s where the Dead kicked it and the birth place of so many counter-cultural turning points that were all soundtracked by some of the most iconic rock and roll and folk music that there ever was. That was then though, and this is now, and we’re from LA, we don’t know what’s fully happening in San Francisco’s contemporary music scene. Previously our best point of reference were just a few bands that we’ve hung with here and there. Having spent a weekend in the thick of it at Lennon Studios, we feel like we’ve got a much better handle on what’s going on up there. In gaining that we can confidently say that all is well musically in the City by the Bay. There’s a diverse variety of sounds coming from an ecclectic group of people, and you can rest assured that there is still plenty of magic being made that is worthy of revolution.