This was it, this was the jump off, the first show. We built this van to rock, and now it was ready. What we needed was a band with balls big enough to break it in. Lucky for us, the Muddy Reds call Tarzana their home, and Tarzana ain’t that far from Venice Beach. So we shot them the idea to Jam in a Van, and they shot us back some good old rock and roll.

The day started out overcast and grey, but I tell you no lies, as soon as the Reds pulled up in the alley (they ain’t even bother with the front gate), the sun came out. When I say they brought the rock I mean this with the utmost sincerity. From head to toe the Muddy Reds embody the gritty fuzz of their riffs and vocals. They are an undiscovered gem in the City of Los Angeles. A town full of hopefuls and wannabe rockers, these guys don’t wanna be, they are, and in the jam van they did just that, rocked. Broke that baby in, big time.