“Love Rock,” is what they call it, these Mowglis.

How are they such experts on it?  How can anyone be an expert on it?  Love…

If you meet them, if you hang with them on a farm in Tennessee with a tequila gun and a keg full of beer and you watch them, all eight of them, how they lean on one another with such visibly honest affection, how they smile at one another with such sincere happiness, you get an idea about where their expertise comes from.

It resonates in their music.  They love one another, they love making music together, they love being alive, they love, love.  It’s hard not to catch a whiff of it.  Their spirit is contagious.  The world needs more Mowglis just like the world needs more Bonnaroos and more Jam Vans, more happiness.  The world needs more love man.  Cause all the other crap, the negative, the shit that makes the evening news, shouldn’t nobody want to have no time for that.  So I hope The Mowglis are always in love with one another.  I hope they keep their happiness alive for many, many years.  I hope they keep letting us help them spread it, because we love doing that.  We really, really do.