An early set at a music festival is a tough gig. Sure you’re grateful to be on the line up, and once you’re done with your set and whatever media you’ve got scheduled for that day, you’re free to roam the grounds and enjoy the perks of your artist access, but still, playing to a patchy crowd of hung-over heads is not the most invigorating of experiences. In my experience though, some of these early sets can be the most memorable, because the band gets to work with a blank canvas. There’s no other set from the day to compare it to, there’s no previously harnessed energy to compete against. The audience is their’s to mold. The experience is their’s to control.

We woke up to The Melodic on our first day at High Sierra Music Festival. We were definitely not at peak condition. Our eyes may or may not have been crusty, we hadn’t put anything into our stomachs yet, but it’s a wonder how a little music can get you going. It’s better then coffee. It can knock the pants off of a hangover and get you pointed in the right direction.

The band ignored the time and played to a path full of people making their way to and from morning showers as if it were a full house. We shot twelve bands in all during three days at High Sierra. None of which I remember more so then I do The Melodic.

They were the first band, and this was our first time. You never forget the first time.