The London Souls play rock and roll music, it’s awesome. The best part, in my humble opinion, about rock and roll music, is the fun that you can have when you’re taking it in. Be it through your car stereo or at a giant music festival. Rock and roll playing in the background while you’re having a good time is something special. I’d like to thank the London Souls for giving us another great rock and roll experience to write down in our journals. Sure they met us at a festival and played a great set, and it’s going to live online forever and it was awesome. However, my memory is more fond of the time we had later that same evening, when we caught them opening up for The Chris Robinson Brotherhood at City Winery in Napa. The band had given us two tickets. We had a crew of about seven heads, all in various states of wasted, all who had walked about a mile and wanted to see the show and keep the night going.

Being a tenured head in this game, the first move was not to panic. Rather, assess the situation and figure out a way in. So I told the crew to wait in the bar downstairs below the venue and I set off to find some bubble-gum. Upon apprehending a couple of sticks I chewed it in my mouth, used it to bind an entrance bracelet around my wrist and another around the Perfect Hippie’s wrist, then we walked upstairs and entered the venue, a room filled with The London Souls’ music and the scent of Chris Robinson’s personal brand of beer, which, on a side note, makes your breath smell, so best to have gum either way. At any rate, I took the Perfect Hippie’s wrist band off and walked back downstairs to the bathroom, handed the bracelet off to the next person to put on, and we continued back and forth in this manner until all seven of us were enjoying one of the better concerts that I’ve seen this year. In short, we pulled some “Ocean’s Eleven” shit in there. It was a blast. Thanks for that London Souls and thanks for this session, it’s all heady.