“Take it easy.” That’s usually the last words I say to the bands when they split. It’s better than “bye,” and I’m not sure I’ll ever see them later, so “take it easy” is the go to.

The Kingston Springs certainly seemed the types of dudes that didn’t have a problem taking it easy. Notice how they let their hair fall over their eyes when they’re playing their rock and roll music. They don’t care to waste time brushing it out of their view, they let it ride, they keep it easy. Southern boys to the hilt. The easy was most likely born in.

It’s admireable, the way they carry on. A lot of folks could take a lesson from them. There’s too much serious in the world. Too much stress. People gotta just realize that it’s gonna be what it’s gonna be, and as such, you gotta just let it be. Better put, you gotta take it easy. Sometimes rock and roll can help you do that. Actually, rock and roll can always help you do that. So take it easy, always.