The South don’t leave you. I will stand testament to that, as I have left it for the past…oh man, for the past while. When I come back, it always smells the same. The heat always feels the same, and the bugs always bite the same, and so you kinda snap back to thinking you’re from the south again. Even if you ain’t really, anymore.

This set right here, played outside the house where I came up at, it’s southern enough to give me an inkling of that feeling every time I hear it. It’s easy on the ears and simple on the smile, Americana with a twang. It’s for sitting on a porch, it’s for taking a long car ride, it’s for feeling happy, it’s for feeling sad.

It’s Southern. So here’s to hoping you like that. You don’t have to have a retro-trip when you play it if you ain’t from there, but I bet you’ll slow down a little bit, you know, in that Southern kinda way. Kick up your feet, take a little ride down Dixie way and take it easy. Everybody take it easy.