So apparently the youth is all about The Frights… We were tipped off to these cats via our go-to Instagram A&R guy (some kid on Instagram who suggests bands on the regular and always knocks’em out of the park). So we took the tip and ran with it, and filmed a kick ass session with The Frights. At the actual session shoot our interns Tori and Amy geeked out like the fan girls that they are. So rather than working they were outside dancing or head-banging or whatever it is kids nowadays do (let’s be honest though, Tori and the word “work” were not synonymous unless your definition of “work” involves a bottle of Titos Vodka). Then, ever since we filmed the session and posted about it on Instagram we’ve been getting kids writing in our comments section asking when we were going to release The Frights’ session. As time went on the commenters started to get frantic. It went from “when are you releasing?” to ” are you ever going to release The Frights?!”

Nervous scenesters is never a good thing so we decided to unleash these bad boys on the world. So here’s lookin’ at you kids! We may be in our thirties, but we sure as hell know how to keep it hip. Hip as fugh. Frighteningly hip… OK, I’m done.